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Shenzhen xinjielong Technology Co., Ltd




Address:23 Wusha Xinle Road, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province (7th floor, building a, Xinle hi tech Industrial Park)

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Authenticity guarantee

We have all kinds of certificates and complete procedures. Visitors can investigate their strength.

Logistics assurance

All equipment transportation will be provided to you for logistics transportation. During the transportation, we will insure the equipment you purchased with the people's Insurance Company of China. Make sure it is delivered face to face to your address.

1. Reliable guarantee

We have strong strength, many equipment, complete varieties and reliable quality. Visitors can investigate the reliability.

Accessory warranty

We "value quality" and "abide by reputation". Provide comparable quality and services for products of the same type, specification and price at the most preferential price. The purchased products are guaranteed, repaired on-site for life, and long-term supply of spare parts is free of service charge.

2. Feasible guarantee

We have production workshops in Tianjin, Suzhou and Shenzhen. Customers can visit the overall production process, purchase machines after satisfaction, and investigate the feasibility of the project.

Service guarantee

Specially equipped with a group of professional and experienced service personnel to carry out the whole process tracking service, answer various difficult problems of customers, meet different needs of customers, and visit customers regularly to help customers train technicians.

3. Cooperation guarantee

After normal operation and production, in order to expand reproduction, we provide other types of machinery, equipment and technology of the company at the most preferential price in China!

Note: we guarantee that the equipment is the best, safest and environmentally friendly equipment in China. The equipment has no noise and balanced heating, which is in line with the feasibility of long-term high-temperature operation.

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